Portugal Digital Week’19

Portugal Digital Week’19, one of the key leading events on the digital sector in Portugal. This event is organised by ACEPI each year since 2003 and aims to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect eCommerce and boost the widespread implementation of the Digital Transformation in Portugal, will take place from the 21 sd  to the 25th October 2019.

ACEPI 2019 edition of the study “Digital Economy in Portugal 2009-2025”:  On the 21st of October, ACEPI will present the main conclusions of its Study, commissioned to IDC. This study set out to assess which are the main metrics and trends on the digital economy development in Portugal since 2009 until today, estimates the volume of eCommerce in Portugal, and predicts its evolution until 2025. This study has been carried out since 2010.

“Portugal Digital 2017-2025” National Roadshow: taking place from the 21st up until the 25th October at top universities across Portugal, presenting the most recent digital trends and the results of the Digital Economy in Portugal Study – 2019 Edition.

Portugal Digital Summit’19: on 22rd and 23th October, ACEPI will host a major debate on the topics of the Digital Economy and Society. The invited country of the 2019 edition will be Germany. The summit includes talks by the heads of the most relevant companies, institutions in Portugal and Germany and as well from the key government responsibles of each countries. It also includes an exhibition area and networking opportunities. The event will take place at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, in Lisbon.

Germany-Portugal eCommerce Roundtable: on the 24th of October, led by ACEPI and with the support of the Portuguese Government. This high-level discussion will be joined by participants from government organisations, business associations, retailers, export companies, legal and taxation experts, training and education specialists and companies who provide Ecommerce services such as Logistics, Payments and Platforms and more, debating the opportunities, challenges and potential of cross-border Ecommerce. 

ACEPI Navigators XXI Awards Ceremony: on the evening of 24th October to distinguish the best performers in the Digital Economy in Portugal on a wide range of 20 different categories, special .pt awards and a Career Award for the professional contribution to the development of Portugal’s Digital Economy to one individual. Past winners of the ACEPI Navigators XXI Career Award have been highest public and business personalities in Portugal; such as Prof. José Mariano Gago, Francisco Murteira Nabo, António Carrapatoso, Professor Roberto Carneiro, Isabel Ferreira, Belmiro de Azevedo, Fernando Pinto, Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Leonor Beleza, Dionísio Pestana and Alexandre Soares dos Santos. The 2019 Career Award (is an event of the highest level that annualy brings together leading authrorities and top executives from leading companies in the country) will be disclosed in September.

Portuguese Internet Shopping Day ‘19: will take place on 25th October, from 00:00am to 11:59pm. The Portuguese Internet Shopping Day is an initiative that brings together more than 200 of best ecommerce websites and online shops operating in Portugal, in a 24 hours sales promotions and discounts.